The Beverly Theater

A stage for uncommon cinematic, literary, and live experiences


The Beverly Theater sought a fresh website design to introduce their groundbreaking film house and performance theater in Las Vegas. Their primary goal was to have a user-friendly platform for showcasing various events, including Film, Live performances, and Literary events. The website needed to emphasize the ongoing events at the theater while also providing a simple and efficient content management system (CMS) for keeping all their diverse offerings up to date.

A strategic partner

The Beverly Theater is a recently established performance theater located in Las Vegas, set to host a wide range of events including film screenings, live performances, and literary events. As the first-of-its-kind venue of its kind in Las Vegas, they had high expectations for both the theater itself and its accompanying website, aiming for nothing but the best to complement this unique venture.


To address The Beverly Theater's need for a cutting-edge website that would effectively showcase their one-of-a-kind film house and performance theater in Las Vegas and provide seamless management of their various events, we have developed a custom design that aligns with the theater's distinctiveness and meets their high standards.

The Design

Ultimately, a design was crafted that mirrored the theater's exceptional uniqueness.

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