Website audit and optimization for a better user experience


During a period of expansion, [solidcore] needed a digital landscape that was able to scale with them. LSM stepped in to audit & optimize their current website, user experience, content and local listings for organic performance. In preparation for a branding refresh, LSM also created an SEO checklist of priority optimizations to be implemented on their new website pre and post launch.



Increase in classes booked online


increase in new visitors


increase in website traffic

A strategic partner

[solidcore] is a dynamic fitness and wellness brand that has experienced significant growth and expansion in recent years. As a trusted partner, our primary focus is to elevate [solidcore]'s online presence and marketing strategies, ultimately driving tangible results for the brand.

Tracking Optimizations

We set up tracking in Google Tag Manager to send performance data to Facebook for conversion attribution support. Additionally, in preparation for Google's upcoming cookie removal, we created a new Google Analytics 4 account and configured GA4 events tailored to [solidcore]'s needs.


In response to [solidcore]'s expansion goals, LSM undertook a comprehensive digital optimization initiative. We revamped their website with improved title tags, meta descriptions, and image ALT text, while enhancing page speed and implementing a user-friendly locator tool. Simultaneously, we enriched content with localized keywords and optimized local listings, resulting in significant increases in online bookings, purchases, new visitors, conversions, and website traffic.

The Results

These actions ensure adaptability for [solidcore] in a changing digital landscape.

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