Why Off-the-Shelf Software Isn't the Answer

Every business needs technology that's competitive, reliable, and safe. Technology is characterized by constant evolution and innovation, so it's important for businesses to level up and stay ahead of the game. This is the reason why core business operations usually rely on software solutions for their business needs. Many opt for off-the-shelf software to do the job. However, it's important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all software solution for businesses, as every company is different and may have varying needs. At first glance, an off-the-shelf software may be economical and quick, but there could vey well be unexpected problems. Here are the reasons why off-the-shelf software may not be a good choice for most businesses.

Why Off-the-Shelf Software Isn't the Answer

It's Not Tailored Specifically For the Business's Needs

An off-the-shelf solution doesn't have the option for customization, and what the brand gets is a “standard” package that's built to fit a wide range of markets. Unfortunately, this just won't work. As it's not customized or unique to the brand, it could have a lot of features that may be useless, and similarly, important features that are missing.

There are also license fees that back up these features, which may or may not be usable at all, and a company will end up paying for the price — literally.

Because the software isn't customized, businesses have to adjust their operations and practices around how the software works, instead of the other way around.

It Does Nothing to Make the Business Stand Out From Competitors

When a business is using off-the-shelf products, there's a high probability that it works the same as it does with other competitors. Again, the standard package is designed to work with all markets.

This results in a lack of diversity and evolution for most companies. You might find that the user experience you're offering is similar to your competitors.

There Are Hidden Costs

Off-the-shelf softwares usually charge a high cost for implementation due to license fees and other charges, such as security testing, extension packages, and upgrade fees. License fees also recur on a yearly basis. There are additional charges for staff training in order to familiarize themselves with the software — all for a software that isn't unique to your brand.

Lack of Free Support

Software bugs and errors are inevitable, especially during the first few months of use. Off-the-shelf software may have customer service, but timely support usually comes with a charge — if it's available at all. Worse, it could take weeks for the problem to be worked out and resolved. Also, it doesn't allow for in-house staff to tackle the problem, because the source code isn't accessible to the team.

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Instead of going for off-the-shelf solutions, we highly recommended businesses to opt for custom software, which offers a more secure and personalized solution that's built by a team of experts. Find the solution that will help you achieve your objectives, get timely support and maintenance checks for efficiency, and improve user experience.

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