Our Process: Interacting With Clients

January 30, 2018

How we interact with others defines who we are. This simple truism applies to every aspect of life; from being a child playing with his friends in the sandbox to professionals in the corporate world. Throughout history, many businesses, and leaders, have failed because of their poor/un-engaging interactions with other people. Interaction and communication is how people are able to build trust between one another. The same is true for the employees of LSM and our clients; we do our best to build trust with our clients immediately!

So how do you successfully interact and build rapport with potential clients? It isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially if you are working under a deadline. But never fear!  We are going to give you some top industry tips on how to build a lasting professional relationship. So, how exactly are we going to do this? The answer to this question is simple: by explaining how the exceptional employees here at LSM interact with our clients, as well as how we maintain positive relationships.

Communication is The Key

Here at LSM, we take special care to identify each client’s personality and communication style to help us in determining the most effective way to present information, process feedback, and problem solve.

Communication is key when building initial trust between a new client and yourself. It also is key to reaffirming the trust you have already established with current clients. Our team remains in regular contact with clients; from relaying updates on the progress of certain projects, as well as proposing new and different ideas to continually improve the web design and digital marketing process.

The Pitch Process: How it Works

First impressions still make a difference, especially when a prospective client wants to acquire our services. The first thing our team does is familiarizes themselves with the potential client’s business or organization prior to our initial discovery meeting with them. This process may include evaluating the success of their current marketing efforts (both digital and traditional marketing strategies,) overall online presence (social media, SEO, organic content ranking, etc.,) as well as identifying opportunities for improvement, and researching who their strongest competitors or industry leaders are.

Then comes the fun part: meeting with the client. During this meeting, we go through the goals the client has, as well as how we can best help achieve them. We come to the meeting table prepared. By doing our initial research, and presenting our findings to the client, we establish ourselves as experts and professionals in this field. In doing so, this builds client trust immediately because they have confidence that we are going to get the job done, and get it done correctly.


We never make promises we can’t keep. We also don’t sugarcoat the possible difficulties that may arise during the development and marketing process. By communicating directly and effectively, we avoid possible future roadblocks.

Most importantly, however, we commit to being ourselves. We have a very dynamic, diverse, and personable team, and we generally build a good rapport with potential clients from our very first meeting with them.

By providing  our services, and being a leader in our industry, we have a responsibility to stay true to who we are as professionals, as well as build a lasting & productive relationship with our clients.

Tell Your Story

We have learned that giving a business an opportunity to tell their story is essential in developing a thorough understanding of their struggles and goals, and in drawing out important details that might otherwise be overlooked. Taking the time to do this demonstrates our attention to detail and genuine interest in helping them grow their business, which helps to establish trust from the very beginning.

Spotting Potential Problems

If we recognize that a potential client’s expectations exceed their budget and know we cannot provide what they want for the price point they are working with, we would definitely consider this a potential problem.

Another concern would be meeting strong resistance in early conversations indicating that the company, and it’s representatives, may not be receptive to our team’s recommendations in relation to providing the best possible end product.

We would also determine we are not a good fit if they want to implement technologies outside of our wheelhouse that we are not confident in taking on. Ultimately, we want to provide a positive experience in working together and meet or exceed expectations. In order to do this, we must spot potential problems early on, and hopefully resolve them.

Problem Solving Through Communication

As in any industry, especially in digital marketing and web design, there is a certain degree of problem solving we have to accomplish so we can best meet the needs of the client, as well as not undergo a project that is overly time consuming and draining. Moreover, situations arise when a client may not understand our methodology or has a problem with how we are executing our marketing and web design strategies.

If this happens, we do our best to resolve any issues immediately, through clear, honest and concise communication.


If necessary, we may escalate communication to higher level decision makers to ensure there are no misunderstandings.  In a worst-case scenario, if this does not resolve the issues we’re facing, we could propose parting ways as we may not be the right fit for one another.

Making Hard Decisions

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, which may require us to discontinue a relationship with a certain company.

If this happens, we communicate honestly (either in person or on a call) about why we may not be a good fit and assure them that we came to this conclusion with their best interest in mind. We address this as early as possible in the discovery process so they can continue seeking out other suitable options. If we know of a dependable agency who could be a good fit, we will refer them.

Moving Forward

As the premier Las Vegas digital marketing & web design company, we are constantly growing as a company, and moving forward as culture continues to change. We adapt to current trends, and strategies, but we also stay true to who we are as a business. LSM offers services other companies don’t: top notch marketing strategies, integrated web design formulations, and we are even extending our services to include public relations/media communication.

Stay tuned for more content from LSM and it’s staff. In the meantime, if you want to know more about the services we have to offer, feel free to contact us, and we will be sure to make this process as smooth as possible!