LSM Builds New Website for Schwartz Law

There's nothing we love more than long-term partnerships with amazing businesses. That's why LSM was honored and beyond excited to work with Schwartz Law to design and launch the next iteration of their website.

This was the third evolution of Schwartz Law's website alongside LSM. The digital world moves quickly, and the best we can do is hustle to keep up with it. Like most other things in business (and life), websites need to be updated to stay current, fresh, and accurate. Such was the case with Schwartz Law.

schwartz law homepage

The goal this time around with cleaning up the branding to make it sleek, professional, and immediately recognizable. With the competition in this industry, being able to stand out from the crowd is crucial to the success of the law firm. We rebranded and updated the website to help it better match current trends. We also simplified lead funneling using direct call-to-action buttons and links, as well as easy-to-find forms.

Additionally, we modernized the logo and color palette, using them to create layouts with overlapping sections and scroll animations.

All together, this made for a website that's not only visually appealing but highly functional and easy to navigate for both the client and their target audience, across both mobile and desktop.

schwartz law mobile view

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