Tweetception: Twitter Lets You Embed Tweets in Your Tweets

August 8, 2014

tweetception blog

After beta testing the function for mobile users, Twitter has officially rolled out embedded Tweets within Tweets for all platforms. Now you can Tweet while you Tweet! Just add the URL of the Tweet you want to embed to the end of your post, and Twitter will automatically turn it into an embedded post.

twitter post with embedded tweet

Why it’s Awesome:

  • It keeps the conversation together – Users no longer have to go back to the original Tweet to understand the conversation. Everything is kept together in a neat little package.
  • It lets you respond without wasting characters – Previously, if you wanted to keep the conversation together AND write a response, you’d have to copy the text into a new Tweet, wasting precious characters. Embedded tweets do not take up any character space, so you can respond with all 140 characters.
  • It keeps images with the post – An image really ties a post together, and embedded tweets let you keep the image associated with a post (if there is one) together.
  • It automatically notifies you – If someone embeds one of your Tweets, you’ll get an automatic notification, regardless of whether the user mentions you or not.

What to watch out for:

  • Embedded posts must come last – The link to the tweet you wish to embed must come at the end of the post, or it will not pull correctly.
  • You can only embed once – Unlike Facebook or Google Plus, you cannot embed a post that already has a post embedded in it
  • Embedded Tweets won’t show in your sharebar – If your website has a social share bar, it usually won’t reflect an embedded Tweet in its counter.
  • Embedded posts on site – If you use the embed code to add a Tweet with an embedded Tweet to your website, it will only show your second Tweet as a link.

From an internet marketing standpoint, the new function opens a whole world of possibilities for networking and visual sharing. To learn more about how to use embedded Tweets to boost your brand, contact LSM at 702.988.2119.