Stop Being a Post-Scheduling Zombie: Integrate Content & Social

August 6, 2014

That’s right, another content blog – and for good reason. Quality content is the foundation of your organic SEO campaign, and when done correctly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. But all too often, SEO companies treat content and social media as separate entities, and end up churning out massive amounts of content and posts with little or no engagement. So, here’s how the content process should look from top to bottom.

scheduling posts on social media

Research your topic

Take some time to research a topic – don’t just pull one out of thin air. Listen to social media conversations in the industry, research keywords for specific queries. Every piece of content you write should relate to the business you are trying to promote in some way.

Master the title

When you share your content to social media the title and image (more on that in a minute) are the most important components users will see. Yes, you may want to try to frontload keywords where applicable, but that doesn’t mean you should jam keywords into the title at the cost of deterring social media users. If you are writing about a popular topic, know that social media users see tons of posts on the same topic every day, and they won’t hesitate to skip right past yours unless you give them a reason not to.

Content that delivers

Once you’ve come up with a unique, useful topic, and a title that grabs readers’ attention, make sure the content delivers what the title promised. No fillers, no fluff, no going off on an unrelated tangent to reach a specified word count. There’s no easy way around this – it’s going to take hard work, and quite a bit of time. The good news is that you’ll be able to get much more out of a well though out piece of content, which may allow you some slack on the quantity of content produced.

Find (or create) quality images

You probably already know that images make a post more share-able, but do you know how big the gap is? After analyzing millions of posts, the experts at Buzzsumo found that facebook posts get an average of almost 65 shares when an image is included (versus an average of 28 without an image).



Once you’ve come up with a thoroughly researched topic, an engaging title, well written content, and a few quality images, you are ready…


Keep in mind that “post” doesn’t mean “schedule it and forget it.” Take a minute to think about when, where, and how your piece is best shared. Post scheduling platforms often strip images from posts on certain platforms.Yes, that may mean manually logging into your social platforms and sharing a post manually, but you’ve spent too much time and effort on this piece to let it fall flat on the social media floor, right?

Follow up with your post

It’s easy to forget about your content once it goes live, but it’s absolutely crucial to go back and follow up. Did you mention other social media users in your content? Reach out to them. Did users engage with you or your post? Return the favor. Don’t forget to re-share your content periodically. Try re-sharing your content as an image, a tip, or even a question.

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