3 Ways Marketing Videos Make You More Attractive

March 21, 2014

Videos have undoubtedly become the most popular way of gaining online attention. They’re stimulating, easily sharable, and can relay your message quickly. In only a few seconds, you can provide a wealth of information about your products, services, and your company’s personality.

These days, piquing the interest of a potential patron online is much like speed dating – you have a quick moment to make a good impression before they move on. For this reason, you want to put your best foot forward and stand out amongst your competitors.

When looking to form a relationship, we’ve all got a tick list of qualities we’re attracted to. Here are 3 things a marketing video can say about you:

You’ve Got Personality

Sharing a video can humanize your business, connecting real people and a culture to your company name. Even if your video is strictly motion graphic, you’re able to relay a tone and identity that you just can’t achieve with standstill text and images. Whether your message is creative, corporate or emotional, video can send a clear signal and leave a lasting impression.

You’ve Got Style

Incorporating trending methods of reaching your audience definitely makes you look well groomed. A well-executed video demonstrates creativity, innovation and an ability to entertain. Keeping it classy is important too. A polished and professional video is sure to impress your audience and can reflect the quality of your product or service.

You’ve Got Smarts

You know that video works, so you’re doing it. It shows that you pay attention to what your customers want and incorporate this into your strategy. You can wow your customers by supplying easy to understand service overviews or step-by-step instructional videos. These are quick and convenient tools that make their lives easier, and they’re likely to spread the word. Video can be super valuable from an SEO perspective too. More online buzz, along with increased and longer site visits is key in improving your rankings.

A good marketing video will charm your customers, hopefully resulting in a second date or even a long-term relationship! And a professional job doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get a quality product for a reasonable price and the return on your investment can be well worth it. Contact our team to talk about what our awesome in-house video production team can do to boost your business.