10 YouTube Stats You Need to Know in 2022

2022 offers a fresh 12 months to expand your business and reach new heights. While it’s still early in the year, take the time to plot out your content and marketing strategy so that you have time to prepare and execute to perfection in the coming months. 

YouTube has long-established itself as an internet giant, being a top-of-mind platform for video content. Before you dive into your digital plans for the year, here are 10 YouTube stats you should keep in mind to maximize the platform:

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10 YouTube Stats That Matter in 2022

  1. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – Because people use the platform as a search engine, like Google, you must optimize your content to be easily searchable on the platform. To do this, incorporate relevant keywords in your file name, video title, video description, and subtitles. 
  2. Consumers are four times more inclined to use YouTube to research brands, products, and services as compared to other platforms, and they are twice as likely to purchase something they discovered on YouTube – Consumers don’t just use YouTube to look up general information. They also use it to make informed decisions about products and services. So, it’s essential to not only be present on YouTube but to populate your channel with informative content like tutorials and answers to FAQs. 
  3. As of the second quarter of 2021, over 60% of viewers watch YouTube on mobile, 12% watch on desktop, and 8% watch on tablets – If we combine the number of viewers on mobile and tablets, that’s over 70% of users. When planning and producing your videos, be mindful that most of your viewers will likely watch on a small screen. If you intend to have graphics and overlaying text on your video, test it on phones, laptops, and tablets to ensure it’s readable on every screen size.
  4. People across all age groups in the U.S. are present on YouTube – Among U.S.-based internet users, 77% of those aged 15 to 35 are on YouTube, as well as 73% of those aged 36 to 45, 70% of those aged 46 to 55, and 67% of those aged 56 and above. So, if you’re looking to change or expand your target market, YouTube is a must-have touchpoint in your marketing campaign.  
  5. YouTube has proven more effective than TV among young adults – In an average week, the platform on mobile outperforms any cable network during prime time in reaching adults aged 18 and older. If you are running any TV-focused campaigns, consider repurposing your TV content for online consumption. It can be as simple as uploading your commercials on your YouTube or creating a YouTube video series that builds off your TV content. 
  6. 80% of parents in the U.S. with children aged 11 and younger say that their kids watch videos on YouTube, and 53% of them claim that their child does this at least once a day – For family- and kids-focused brands, consider creating content that appeals to children directly. Parents may be the purchasers, but kids can be a powerful influence. Take “Baby Shark” as an example. It may be a children’s song, but even teens and adults know the song by heart, and it’s the most viewed video on YouTube.
  7. YouTube has a massive international reach, with 92.7% penetration in Israel, 92.5% in the Netherlands, 92.1% in U.A.E., and 90.2% in Denmark – Even if you are U.S.-based and a U.S.-focused brand, it may be worthwhile to check the stats of your viewership. If there is significant interest in your content outside the U.S., this may indicate an opportunity to expand your business or create avenues to reach into other territories. 
  8. People are three times more inclined to watch a tutorial on YouTube instead of reading a product manual – How-to videos are a tried-and-tested format with limitless potential. Almost every kind of business can develop tutorial videos. For example, furniture, appliances, DIY, and crafts-based businesses can develop tutorials on how to assemble or operate their products while fashion retailers can create a series on how to style or customize outfits. 
  9. “To relax” and “to feel entertained” are the two most cited reasons for watching videos on YouTube – Every brand has its own identity and communication strategy, but it’s also critical to consider what your audience wants to see. Consider building brand affinity by experimenting with less hard-sell content that your viewers will want to watch on their own time. 
  10. 70% of time spent on YouTube is influenced by suggestions from the platform’s algorithm – Most of the time, watching videos on YouTube feels like hopping into a rabbit hole. One minute, you’re watching something cool and the next thing you know, an hour has passed watching videos that are suggested to you. YouTube’s algorithm may seem like a mystery, but once you understand how it works, you can hack the system and boost your organic reach. Here are some tips you can try:

- Take the time to conduct proper keyword research and follow YouTube SEO best practices.

- Design a click-worthy thumbnail.

- Leverage YouTube’s video add-ons like cards and end screens to encourage continuous viewing.

- Embed your videos on third-party sites, like your brand’s blog, because those views still count.

- Interact with your viewers, and other channels, via comments.

- Review your video’s performance metrics and audience insights to create content they’ll be interested in.

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2022 opens the door to another year of exciting opportunities and potential for growth. With our expertise in all things digital marketing – from software solutions to content creation, from web design to branding and identity – we at LSM are happy to help your business grow. Book a free consultation today!